Just Do Life.

A recent two-week trip was full of discovery about passion, push, and improvisation. What was meant to be a business trip ended up being a lot more. Prior to the trip, I had agreed with a friend who owns a Modelling agency to do a shoot on two of his current models. A lot of... Continue Reading →


Ever Curious Brain

Earlier this year I told myself that I will do everything I have always wanted to do. Photography is one of them. Love it so much I took a course in it, and maybe when I practice hard enough to be able to figure out where the shutter button is, I'll talk about the things... Continue Reading →

Wonders of Light

As I continue my journey through life, I try to document the wonders of light with any and every photography equipment I lay my hands on. These series of pictures were taken with the iPhone.


Hmph!, who does she think she is looking all fierce and strong. Why is she so attractive and different? I wonder what those lines and curves are for. Why is she created differently? Oh no we cannot have this. The world where we are not king would be unbearable, so unbearable we'd have to share... Continue Reading →

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